6 Inexpensive Food Choices to Help You Save Money

Food – one of the basic needs that we cannot live without. When it comes to food, you need to have an allotted budget every month. There should be no excuses for this, especially if you have a growing family. All around the world, most families’ monthly allocation for food exceed 30%. This is a huge percentage that can decrease funding for other important aspects. While we can’t take out food from the monthly budget, we can manage our choices to help save money.


So, what are the inexpensive food choices that can boost your budget? Check out the following examples, along with creative ways to prepare them.


Simply Delicious – Oatmeal


Oatmeal is one of the most popular food options if you want to lose weight or lead a healthy lifestyle. Naturally, oatmeal is rich in fiber and other nutritious elements that can improve your cardiovascular health. Apparently, oatmeal also lowers your bad cholesterol level. There are also tons of ways to prepare oatmeal. You can combine a regular oatmeal cup with yogurt and minimal fruit slices. Now, you have a delicious breakfast that can fuel you for hours. If you like oatmeal cereal, keep it to a minimum. While you can save money on oatmeal cereal boxes, extra sugar can affect your health.


The Home Staple – Eggs


Even though eggs are considered high-cholesterol foods, they are packed with protein and can boost you for the whole day. Once taken in moderation, eggs can be a great part of your diet. There are numerous ways to prepare eggs. You can have them scrambled or the regular sunny side-up. How about a topping for your java rice? It’s advisable to eat just one egg in a meal. One carton of eggs is also affordable enough.


Curbing Your Carbs – Rice

Common in Asian countries, rice is the leading source of sugar and calories. If eaten properly, one cup of rice can empower you for the rest of the day. However, eating too much can lead to sugar crash, and a hole in your wallet. Many people can’t resist rice. It’s delicious and can make you feel satisfied. Well, too much rice can also lead to drowsiness and excess weight. Rice can help you save money if you buy them in bulk. If you can stretch your budget further, you can opt for brown rice and red rice. These options are a bit expensive than white rice but definitely healthier.


The Rice Alternative – Potatoes

Do you want to find an alternative for rice? Go for potatoes instead! Potatoes are low-calorie vegetables filled with fiber and potential vitamins. While a potato is less healthy than other vegetables, it can do the job and help you save money as well. Besides, you must eat potato with other vegetables in order to keep your nutrition balanced. There are also countless ways to prepare potato meals. You can mash them, bake them, and include them in main viands. Deep-frying is not good because potatoes become unhealthy once they’re deep-fried.


One Apple a Day Keeps Low Budgets Away – Apples

Do you want to know why apples keep doctors away? Well, one apple is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. An apple can replenish your body and cleanse bad agents, but you can only eat few per day. The best thing about apple is that it can be prepared in different ways. Use apple slices for your afternoon snacks, instead of potato chips or chocolate cookies. Alternatively, you can go for dried apples.


Bite-Sized Nutrition – Carrots

Carrots offer bite-sized nutrition at any given day. One stick of carrot contains beta-carotene and other important minerals. Apparently, carrots also boast low calories so you can turn them into great snacks. Simply cut carrots into sticks and take them with you in the office. You can even prepare dips, but be careful! You should pick dips that have low calories. Ranch dressing is unhealthy, so you should let it go. Once you pick carrots over potato chips, you can save money per month.


A Note on Meats

Even though meats are not included in this list, you shouldn’t neglect them entirely. You just need to pick the right meats. Some of the best options are white meat and saltwater fish. Red meats are downright costly and unhealthy in the long run. Still, it’s all up to you and the meals that you’re planning to prepare every day. Proper combination of foods and materials can help.


While it’s great to eat inexpensive food to save money, you should reward yourself once or twice a week. Visit popular restaurants and eat your favourite meals. After all, you deserve the simple reward!